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Image by Eirik Uhlen
Who We Are

We are passionate about what we do, we want the very best for our patients. The both of us have always had a dream of having our own business and provide OUR patients with the very best care that we can provide. You can buy glasses online all day long, but will you get the same quality of service that you would get by coming to not one, but two extremely experienced Opticians? I don’t think so! So we are bringing to you our daughters’ name to life with Zoeye Beach Optical and Zoeye Beach Suns, a place where you can buy quality products from two professionals who will be there for your every need!

Meet Us

Stephanie Miller

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Licensed Optician from Plymouth, North Carolina with 28+ years of experience.


Sharna Journiette

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Licensed Optician from Roanoke, Virginia with 25+ years of experience.


Zoe Jones

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Freelance web and multimedia creator from Angier, North Carolina

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