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  • What precautions are being taken to ensure the saftey of your customers while inside your optical?
    - Alcohol and anti-bacterial wipes are being used after every try-on from our customers. Try-Ons are separated into a different tray so there are no "mix-ups". - Regular wipe downs of our surfaces (chairs, counters, bathrooms, door handles) happen frequently. - Customers will be asked to wear a mask while in our facility to protect our workers and other customers. We ask that you also keep a 6 feet distance if you're not being helped.
  • How should I clean my glasses?
    Glasses can be cleaned using a regular hand soap & warm water or a glasses cleaning spray. Using any other products can cause damage to your lens.
  • How do I change or cancel my order?
    If you would like to change or cancel your order, this must be done within 24 hours of purchase. Contact us through phone or email for assistance.
  • How long does my order take?
    Regular frames should take no more then a week & a half. Prescription frames will take up to two weeks plus shipping. Stephanie & Sharna will update you frequently about the status of your order. *If you are in or near the Swansboro area please feel free to use the Pickup option* *Delays can occur due to COVID-19*
  • How do I get a prescription?
    Visit an Eye Care Professional (like Zoeye Beach Optical) and a prescription will be provided upon request that can be sent to us VIA email or text, also check out our "How to submit an RX" page.
  • How do I send my prescription?
    Zoeye Beach Optical requires an up to date prescription in pupillary distance measurement. Your prescription can be entered on any product page you wish to purchase or it can be sent directly to our email or phone number above (screenshots only) When texting or emailing remember to include your order number. There is also a "specials instructions" box on the checkout page that can be used for prescriptions too. *Please contact us if you need assistance inputting your prescription this is a crucial step to us providing the perfect pair of glasses for you* *If your prescription is out of date your order will be cancelled after 7 days, if you fail to provide your prescription after 7 days your glasses with be sent without*
  • I have decided to return my glasses, how does that work?"
    For regular frames & prescription the return policy is 35 days after received. There is a ONE time scratch warranty available for 1 year after purchasing. Due to Covid-19 return policy can be extended please contact us if any issues arise.
  • How do frame parties work?
    Through us at your home! we will supply the product for your friends and family to choose from. Check out our frame parties page for more information. *on rare occasion ZBO will host frame parties open to the public*
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